[This picture gallery was created on 3 October 2001 and updated on 9 December 2004]

Picture Gallery of Montgomery County, Maryland

These pictures taken around Montgomery County in September 2001 are mostly of the area off of River Road and along the Potomac, certainly one of the most scenic areas in the county. A few others are included of places where the author lived as a child.

Home on Wilson Lane, Bethesda (1939-1941).

Home on Sudbury Road, Silver Spring (1941-1950).

Barbara at Long Branch Creek, Wayne Avenue, Silver Spring.

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, Potomac.

Canal boat below lock.

Canal boat in lock.

Hitching up the mules on the tow path.

The old tavern.

Barbara washing a shell in the Potomac River.

View of the Potomac River.

Another view of the Potomac River.

On the island approaching Great Falls.

A view of Great Falls.

Another view of Great Falls.

On the island leaving Great Falls.

Kudzu vines take over.

More Kudzu.

Upper Potomac.

More upper Potomac.

And more upper Potomac.

Edwards Ferry.

More Edwards Ferry.

And More Edwards Ferry.

Yet More Edwards Ferry.

And Yet More Edwards Ferry.

Seneca schoolhouse, now a museaum.

Canal aqueduct over Seneca Creek.

Tow path from Seneca Creek aqueduct.

Sunset at the Kenwood Country Club.